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At Lindfield East Public School, we believe that it is a fundamental right of each and every child to receive an excellent education – an education that caters for the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of each individual and prepares each one for success in learning and in life. We believe that an education worth having is one which equips our students for a successful future – a future where the key competencies of adaptability, effective communication, collegiality and intercultural understanding will be paramount. We aim to prepare students for this future by building the capacity of teachers and school leaders to be innovative and transformative, engaging our students, holding high expectations for them and inspiring them to succeed. Our vision is underpinned by The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008). The goals focus on promoting equity and excellence in education, and on students becoming successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens. The wellbeing of all our students lies at the core of Lindfield East Public School's vision, and drives all our decisions and actions.

Lindfield East Public School serves a diverse cultural student population with the support of a school community that places a high value on education. There are 630 students representing 48 language speaking backgrounds with Mandarin accounting for 25%. Demand for enrolment placement has increased as a result of the school’s outstanding educational reputation. Strong and active P&C involvement has enabled the school to continue to make significant advances in its physical learning environment, its resource base and ability to offer wide ranging educational opportunities. The school maintains a safe learning environment with the core values of 'Care and Respect' underpinning our student welfare ethos. Lindfield East Public School is committed to continuous improvement in teaching, leading and learning. Strategic priorities include targeting quality teacher professional development, providing a range of innovative learning opportunities and building unique educational partnerships.

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