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Highly Qualified and Inspirational Teachers

Lindfield East Public School is lucky to have a team of highly qualified, motivated, inspirational teaching staff.

This page highlights their achievements.

Ms Rixon, Mrs Wares & Mrs Myburgh complete their ‘Hub School' Peer Coach-ing Accreditation

Quality teachers at LEPS

Year 6 LEPS teacher Miss Sarah Lyell was presented with a certificate and medal by Premier Mike Baird upon her successful completion of the 2016 'Beginning teacher' induction course last week. Miss Lyell has been an outstanding acquisition for both Stage 3 and LEPS.

In her first year of permanent teaching, Miss Lyell has significantly contributed to the new teachers' network, coordinated by retired principal Vicki Treble, across Northern Sydney Public Schools.

2016 Excellent service to school sport award

The excellent service to school sport award recognises outstanding achievement by teachers and their contribution to student outcomes in sport in New South Wales Public Schools over an extended period of time.

Mr Philip Tilsley has been acknowledged by the NSW Department of Education for his outstanding contribution to school sport at Lindfield East Public School. Mr Tilsley embodies all that sport stands for – individuals and teams enjoying fitness in a community environment.

He has been involved as a long term sports organiser in public education, he has provided young people with support and encouragement to participate in all levels of sporting activity. Mr Tilsley has introduced a myriad of new sports to the school sport structure and has been an integral part of assisting students to achieve at the highest possible levels.

Every year he delivers a comprehensive PE program to 770 K-6 students which has resulted in improved coordination and skill development of all students. Congratulations to our Mr T!

Professional Learning a priority at LEPS

LEPS is fortunate to have a multitude of highly skilled educators facilitating quality teaching and learning programs. To make sure that our teachers stay at the forefront of best practice in education and abreast of any changes, we have a constant program of teacher professional development.

This last fortnight has seen professional development sessions in Mathematics, English and Future-focused education. In the Mathematics session, teachers deepened their knowledge of strategies to improve students' knowledge of fractions.

The following week, teachers worked collaboratively to create and refine units of work based on English concepts. Three teachers also undertook a research tour for a day to observe how other schools are creating innovative and flexible learning spaces (please see page 3). In addition, several members of the Numeracy Committee attended a conference on Saturday.

The theme of the conference, Show Me the Maths, aimed to promote the visualisation and representation of mathematics ideas and their crucial role in supporting students' learning of key concepts. Research indicates 75% of the fastest growing occupations require STEM but the number of students taking intermediate and advanced maths at secondary school has fallen by 34% over the last 18 years.

Engaging students with inspirational and innovative mathematical ideas is vital to instilling a love of this subject.

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