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Highly Qualified and Inspirational Teachers

Lindfield East Public School is lucky to have a team of highly qualified, motivated, inspirational teaching staff.

This page highlights their achievements.

Congratulations to Kindergarten teacher, Miss Emily Gaughan who recently received her certificate of Proficiency from NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority).

Term 1, Week 7, 2020

Executive Directors Term 3 Recognition Program

Congratulations to Ms Jennie Rixon who was the successful candidate for the Forest Network achieving the Executive Director’s Award for significant contributions to public schools reflective of the values of the NSW Department of Education’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022.

Ms Cathy Brennan, Executive Director School Performance, presented the award to Ms Rixon at a ceremony on Wednesday afternoon.

Ms Rixon has made a significant contribution to Lindfield East Public School going above and beyond her role as classroom teacher. Ms Rixon enthusiastically promotes and supports the school's Creative and Performing Arts and Sports programs. She gives generously of her time and is always willing to assist staff and students. Ms Rixon has an extensive skill set in these areas and she shares this knowledge with the school community. We would like to acknowledge her outstanding service, commitment and dedication to Lindfield East Public School.

Term3, Week 9 2019

TESOL Conference

Lindfield East Public School were invited to present at the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) conference at the University of Technology, Sydney on Saturday. The session focussed on developing intercultural understanding through the City Country Alliance. Ms Read shared the school’s approach to intercultural understanding to support teaching and learning and the strong sister school partnership with Menindee Central School. Fiona D recounted the visit to Menindee in May this year and the benefits of this authentic, unique excursion. Through our local and global partnerships students learn and experience the key competencies of adaptability, effective communication, collegiality, teamwork and intercultural understanding. They develop student capacity to be globally engaged, instil an appreciation of different perspectives and embed the value of social inclusion.

Term 3, Week 5 2019

Progression in Writing - A Literacy Strategy

Sarah Hegarty, from Lindfield East Public School worked with Elizabeth Simmons of KHS in the area of English to improve their students’ literacy skills using Progression in Writing. Sarah had her Certificate of Excellence presented by Diane Read, LEPS Principal.

Term 2, Week 5 2019

LEPS places high value on quality professional development for all staff members. Our leaders and aspiring leaders were privileged to attend the first in a series of workshops for the Forest and Pittwater networks focussing on monitoring curriculum and assessment in our school. Educational leaders have a key role in developing expectations for improved student outcomes and organising and promoting engagement in professional learning opportunities. These workshops will will have a direct and very positive impact on children’s learning.

Term 1, Week 11 2019

Middle Years Project 'Progression in Writing Middle Years Project 'Progression in Writing"

Ten teachers have been selected to participate in the Middle Years' Project. This is an initiative whereby Primary School teachers on Stage 3 (Years 5 and 6), team up with teachers from Killara High School on Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) and focus on how to best implement Writing programs with specialist support from our academic partner, Joanne Rossbridge.

Term 1, Week 9 2019

Ms Rixon, Mrs Wares & Mrs Myburgh complete their ‘Hub School' Peer Coach-ing Accreditation

Quality teachers at LEPS

Year 6 LEPS teacher Miss Sarah Lyell was presented with a certificate and medal by Premier Mike Baird upon her successful completion of the 2016 'Beginning teacher' induction course last week. Miss Lyell has been an outstanding acquisition for both Stage 3 and LEPS.

In her first year of permanent teaching, Miss Lyell has significantly contributed to the new teachers' network, coordinated by retired principal Vicki Treble, across Northern Sydney Public Schools.

2016 Excellent service to school sport award

The excellent service to school sport award recognises outstanding achievement by teachers and their contribution to student outcomes in sport in New South Wales Public Schools over an extended period of time.

Mr Philip Tilsley has been acknowledged by the NSW Department of Education for his outstanding contribution to school sport at Lindfield East Public School. Mr Tilsley embodies all that sport stands for – individuals and teams enjoying fitness in a community environment.

He has been involved as a long term sports organiser in public education, he has provided young people with support and encouragement to participate in all levels of sporting activity. Mr Tilsley has introduced a myriad of new sports to the school sport structure and has been an integral part of assisting students to achieve at the highest possible levels.

Every year he delivers a comprehensive PE program to 770 K-6 students which has resulted in improved coordination and skill development of all students. Congratulations to our Mr T!

Professional Learning a priority at LEPS

LEPS is fortunate to have a multitude of highly skilled educators facilitating quality teaching and learning programs. To make sure that our teachers stay at the forefront of best practice in education and abreast of any changes, we have a constant program of teacher professional development.

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