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Learning from home

Return to full time face-to-face learning

All schools are returning to full on-campus learning from Monday 25 May. All school activities and operations will be in line with Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and NSW Health guidelines as applicable.

School students do not need to follow physical distancing guidelines, but should follow good hygiene practices like:

• Regularly washing hand
• Avoiding sharing drinks or food
• Coughing or sneezing into your elbow, or a tissue which  should be discarded immediately.

School activities

Teachers will continue to follow the same school curriculum with the exception of some activities that can’t go ahead for now.

What children can do:

• Use the school library
• Engage in non-contact sporting activities

What students can’t do:

• School assemblies (unless for critical information)
• School incursions and excursions including camps
• Inter-school activities (debating, inter-school sport)
• In-school activities requiring parent or other volunteers
• Drink from a water bubbler – bring a water bottle instead

School grounds

There should be no visitors to school sites unless they are essential. Please proceed directly to the office for enquiries.

Link to guidelines  

Drop off and pick up procedures


Message from the Principal

Phase 0

Our focus at present is to keep our students learning, both in, and out of, the classroom. Teachers, in year and stage teams, are planning, preparing and trialling methods of delivering lesson content in an online environment. Learning through trial and improvement, we will build upon our knowledge and strive to improve our practice. Whilst at home, students will be involved with online and offline tasks to replicate the classroom environment. Teaching and learning is our top priority and we will continue to ensure that every student will achieve a year’s growth this year. It is more important than ever for teachers and parents to embrace this challenge and work together to provide the very best possible learning environment for our children. This is the biggest pedagogical shift in education and we are learning through experience that technology has the capacity to revolutionise how learning can take place.  

This webpage is designed to assist parents and carers to support student success when learning from home. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher, in the first instance, if you have any questions or require assistance. We are all on this learning journey together, so stay positive, stay safe and stay connected.

Phase 1

To support the continuity of education for students and increase face-to-face teaching in NSW, a staged return to school model will be rolled out across Term 2. Please refer to the attached document ‘A managed return to school.’ From Week 3 students will attend school at least one day per week, increasing to two, then three throughout the term with all students returning hopefully by Term 3.

During each phase, parents will be encouraged to keep their children home except on their allocated day of face-to-face learning. Initially, about a quarter of the students will be on site at any one time. 


Who comes to school on what day?

Teaching considerations

  • The primary objective of our decision making was to enable students to be with their class cohort and classroom teacher in their classroom as much as possible. This will enable all students to be engaged in explicit teaching at least one day per week. As a result, learning at home and learning from school is consistent.
  • The same unit of work is taught throughout the week, both at school and at home. (Teachers weekly timetable).
  • On the face-to-face teaching days, students are explicitly taught concepts/key ideas to prepare them for learning at home. 
  • On the day that the student is learning from home without access to teacher support (teacher will be face-to-face teaching at school)  independent tasks and consolidation are completed as per the weekly timetable.
  • A minimum of three tasks are provided each day; Numeracy, Literacy and one other from a KLA.
  • Specialist staff provide learning at home programs for EALD, Learning Support, Science & Technology, Mandarin, PDHPE and Library. 

The Department of Education is committed to ensuring students benefit from the school experience and a deeper engagement with their teachers and peers. The key is ensuring every student is known, valued and cared for in our school.

We will continue to work in partnership to ensure all children are progressing and engaged in their learning.   Thank you for your support, patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Diane Read


We're keeping students learning both in and out of the classroom.

Explore the department's learning from home resources to support both online and offline learning for all students.

Learning from home without technology

We understand some students do not have access to a device or internet for online learning. Contact the school to discuss non-digital learning from home options for your child.