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Dance is an integral part of the LEPS PDHPE program and is offered to students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Dance ensembles operate for students in Year 1 and above and are offered the opportunity to try out for our Senior, Years 3/4, Years 1/2 and NSW School's spectacular dance troupe. All four dance troupes will perform at the bi-annual LEPS spectacular. The troupes will either audition for the Ryde School's spectacular, North Sydney dance festival or NSW School's spectacular.


To support the development of dance at LEPS, students next week will engage in the dance 2bFit program.

Dance2bfit is a specialist dance program designed to meet the New South Wales PDHPE syllabus to help students achieve the required dance outcomes utilising listed dance indicators.

  • Included in the dance2bfit programs are folk, bush, afro Caribbean, social (Waltz & Cha Cha), creative and contemporary dance styles
  • Modified dance steps are programmed for each level to accommodate ages and skill levels
  • No gender bias to participation
  • Dance classes are taught at stage levels enabling students to meet & socialise across ages
  • Classes are physically demanding

The classes are fun and energetic and get the heart pumping. Boys are targeted to show that dance is not just for girls.

Children may wear their sports uniform on dance lesson days and have been told which day their lesson is conducted.

You can read more about the dance2bfit program at their website.

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